Audit Representation

The IRS has promised to increase their audit rate significantly in 2014 and beyond. With the down economy, the IRS is making good on that promise to help increase revenue. If you are a sole proprietor, real estate professional, or S-Corporation owner, you are at increased risk. Legal costs related to an audit can easily run several thousands of dollars or more. Tax Court legal defense can cost ten to fifteen thousand dollars or more. With Estill and Long, LLC's audit representation you will have the peace of mind knowing your legal defense fees will be covered as well as your audit being handled by nationally recognized and experienced tax attorneys. Audit representation is valid for one year and does not cover current audits. Audit representation is valid for one individual (or married couple) or one entity. Coverage for additional individuals or entities can be purchased for 50% off the current annual audit rate. We didn't prepare your taxes? No problem, we can still represent you at an audit using our audit protection. *Audit Representation contract will be sent separately outlining terms and conditions of representation.


Audit Representation
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Price $595.00

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