Business Tax Extension

After payment, we will contact you regarding the filing of your extension.

If we do not already have the information to file your extension, please note we will need the following:

  • Full name(s) of business
  • Address of business
  • EIN
  • Type of company (S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Limited Partnership, Partnership LLC, or S-Corporation filing as an LLC)
  • State(s) where business is registered
  • Whether you wish to make a payment with your extension (all taxes due must be paid by the filing deadline of the return to avoid IRS penalties and interest).

The business tax extension fee includes the filing for one (1) business entity for both federal and state. Please purchase an extension for each business entity. Single member LLC's that are disregarded for tax purposes do not require a separate extension and will be covered under the single member's extension (i.e. under the single member's Form 1040 or business tax extension).

Business Tax Extension
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Price $25.00